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PostSubject: MARK + RECALL   Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:58 pm

#Mark + Recall
;Joker L trigerg = Square to mark or recall
;Down D-Pad To pick if u want to mark or recall
;it will say mark or Call where time is
0x001428cc 0x0a3306a8
0x004c1a88 0x6b72614d
0x004c1a90 0x4C4C4143
0x004c1aa0 0x3c0a0894
0x004c1aa4 0x3c0808cc
0x004c1aa8 0x3c09090d
0x004c1aac 0x85290c84
0x004c1ab0 0x240b8100
0x004c1ab4 0x240c0040
0x004c1ab8 0x112b0016
0x004c1ac0 0x112c0003
0x004c1ac8 0x0a3306df
0x004c1ad0 0x8d0d1a9c
0x004c1ad4 0x240c0001
0x004c1ad8 0x11a00004
0x004c1ae0 0xad001a9c
0x004c1ae4 0x0a3306c1
0x004c1aec 0xad0c1a9c
0x004c1af0 0x3c0f2485
0x004c1af4 0x35ef1a88
0x004c1af8 0xad4f288c
0x004c1afc 0x0a3306df
0x004c1b04 0x3c0f2485
0x004c1b08 0x35ef1a90
0x004c1b0c 0xad4f288c
0x004c1b10 0x0a3306df
0x004c1b14 0x3c0a08d2
0x004c1b18 0x8d4ca9b8
0x004c1b1c 0x8d0d1a9c
0x004c1b20 0x11a0000d
0x004c1b28 0xc58a0018
0x004c1b2c 0xc58b001c
0x004c1b30 0xc58c0020
0x004c1b34 0xe50a1b48
0x004c1b38 0xe50b1b4c
0x004c1b3c 0xe50c1b50
0x004c1b40 0x0a3306df
0x004c1b58 0x8d0d1b48
0x004c1b5c 0x11a00007
0x004c1b64 0xc50a1b48
0x004c1b68 0xc50b1b4c
0x004c1b6c 0xc50c1b50
0x004c1b70 0xe58a0018
0x004c1b74 0xe58b001c
0x004c1b78 0xe58c0020
0x004c1b7c 0x03e00008
0x00142888 0x3c0408cc
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