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 Monster Hunter Freedom 2

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Number of posts : 70
Age : 23
Location : york
Registration date : 2008-08-06

PostSubject: Monster Hunter Freedom 2   Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:19 pm


Here You Go =)

;Monster Hunter Freedom 2 US
#Inf HP
0x007E8D62 0x96
0x007E8E9E 0x96

#Inf Stamina
0x007E8FD6 0x01C2
0x007E9092 0x01C2

#99999 Money
0x010C38C0 0x0001869F

#Instant Quest Clear
0x010D907C 0x32

#Quest Clear for 2 monsters
0x010D907C 0x31
0x010D9084 0x31

#Mod Pig to Sheep
0x010D7283 0x04

#Inf Item (24 Slot)
0x010D7814 0x63
0x010D7818 0x63
0x010D781C 0x63
0x010D7820 0x63
0x010D7824 0x63
0x010D7828 0x63
0x010D782C 0x63
0x010D7830 0x63
0x010D7834 0x63
0x010D7838 0x63
0x010D783C 0x63
0x010D7840 0x63
0x010D7844 0x63
0x010D7848 0x63
0x010D784C 0x63
0x010D7850 0x63
0x010D7854 0x63
0x010D7858 0x63
0x010D785C 0x63
0x010D7860 0x63
0x010D7864 0x63
0x010D7868 0x63
0x010D786C 0x63
0x010D7870 0x63

#See Boss Location
0x007E908E 0xFFFF

#Quick After Mission Eject
0x010D9064 0x00

#Full Rage Mode
0x007E9B38 0x64

#Inf Sharpness
0x007E9AF2 0x90

#ATK/DEF+ During Quests
0x007E8E54 0x7F
0x007E8E58 0x7F

#Infinite Items (Town)
0x010C6B06 0x63
0x010C6B0A 0x63
0x010C6B0E 0x63
0x010C6B12 0x63
0x010C6B16 0x63
0x010C6B1A 0x63
0x010C6B1E 0x63
0x010C6B22 0x63
0x010C6B26 0x63
0x010C6B2A 0x63
0x010C6B2E 0x63
0x010C6B32 0x63
0x010C6B36 0x63
0x010C6B3A 0x63
0x010C6B3E 0x63
0x010C6B42 0x63
0x010C6B46 0x63
0x010C6B4A 0x63
0x010C6B4E 0x63
0x010C6B52 0x63
0x010C6B56 0x63
0x010C6B5A 0x63
0x010C6B5E 0x63
0x010C6B62 0x63

#99999 Pokke Points
0x010D6F98 0x0001869F

#Energetic Character
0x007E8B16 0xA0
0x007E8B56 0xA0

#Atk Multiply
0x007E8E0A 0x7F7F
0x000C27BC 0x00031980

#Inf Long Swords Bar
0x007E9B38 0x00640080

#Unlock All Elder Quest
0x010C6B80 0x07

!----Main codes----

#9999999 Zenny
0x010C38C0 0x0098967F

#9999999 Guild Points
0x010C38BC 0x0098967F

#9999999 Pokke Points
0x010D6F98 0x0098967F

#Inf/Max Health
0x007E8D60 0x00960000
0x007E8E9C 0x00960000

#True Inf/Max stamina
;Credit Jynxx
;i added missing addy Wink
0x007E8FD4 0x01C20000
0x007E9090 0x01C20000

#Inf Sharpness
;Dono Who To Credit
;Ported From cwcheat
;no author listed
0x007E9AF0 0x00640064 <-------- Fixed =P not qite same as the one i saw but did work off it =P

#Inf/Max Sword Power
;also posted with no credit
;ported/moded value
0x007E9B38 0x00000064

#Flash Run
0x007E8B14 0x41000000
0x007E8B54 0x41000000

#Boss Map Locator
0x007E908C 0xFFFF0000

#Inv. Items all 99
;have to check this code a little more
;when picking up items from end of mission with code
;active the items do not go into your inventory
0x010D7814 0x00000063
0x010D7818 0x00000063
0x010D781C 0x00000063
0x010D7820 0x00000063
0x010D7824 0x00000063
0x010D7828 0x00000063
0x010D782C 0x00000063
0x010D7830 0x00000063
0x010D7834 0x00000063
0x010D7838 0x00000063
0x010D783C 0x00000063
0x010D7840 0x00000063
0x010D7844 0x00000063
0x010D7848 0x00000063
0x010D784C 0x00000063
0x010D7850 0x00000063
0x010D7854 0x00000063
0x010D7858 0x00000063
0x010D785C 0x00000063
0x010D7860 0x00000063
0x010D7864 0x00000063
0x010D7868 0x00000063
0x010D786C 0x00000063
0x010D7870 0x00000063

#Mark & Recall
;L+Left = Mark
;R+Right = Recall
0x00017F7C 0x0A2001C0
0x00000700 0x3C0D089E
0x00000704 0x8DAED114
0x00000708 0x240F0180
0x0000070C 0x15CF000A
0x00000714 0x3C1808FF
0x00000718 0x8F198C80
0x0000071C 0xAF198B90
0x00000720 0x8F198C84
0x00000724 0xAF198B94
0x00000728 0x8F198C88
0x0000072C 0xAF198B98
0x00000730 0x1000000C
0x00000738 0x240F0220
0x0000073C 0x15CF0009
0x00000744 0x3C1808FF
0x00000748 0x8F198B90
0x0000074C 0xAF198C80
0x00000750 0x8F198B94
0x00000754 0xAF198C84
0x00000758 0x8F198B98
0x0000075C 0xAF198C88
0x00000764 0x03E00008

Note :Mark & Recall only mark and recall in the zone your in do to the setup of
the loading for other zones if you mark in one zone and try recalling to it from
another it will teleport you in the same zone but usualy outside the area of where
your supose to be able to go another words outside the map enjoy Wink
-->thanks to silo for great tutorial<--

#!!----Slot 1 Storage Box----
;only use one at a time
;if you want to keep the item move into a difrent slot
;using another will overwrite whatever is already in slot 1

#Herb x99
0x010C5E84 0X0063009F

#Antidote Herb x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300A0

#Sleep Herb x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300A3

#Fire Herb x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300A1

#Sunset Herb x99
0x010C5E84 0X0063009E

#Sap Plant x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300A4

#Felvine x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300A5

#Ivy x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300A2

#Cactus Flower x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300A6

#Honey x99
0x010C5E84 0X0063009D

#Iron Ore x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300C3

#Machalite Ore x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300C5

#Dragonite Ore x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300C6

#Sm Monster Bone x99
0x010C5E84 0X00630105

#Med Monster Bone x99
0x010C5E84 0X00630106

#Lg Monster Bone x99
0x010C5E84 0X00630107

#Giant Bone x99
0x010C5E84 0X00630110

#Monster Bone+ x99
0x010C5E84 0X00630108

#Eldr Dragon Bone x99
0x010C5E84 0X0063010A

#Armor Sphere x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300D4

#Armor Sphere+ x99
0x010C5E84 0X006300D5

#Commendation x99
0x010C5E84 0X006302A5

#Pokke Tickets x99
0x010C5E84 0X006302A7

#!!----Weapons Equipment Slot 1----
;only use one at a time
;if you want to keep the item move into a difrent slot
;using another will overwrite whatever is already in slot 1

#Black Dragon Sword
0x010C3904 0x00DE0501

#Flame Syphos
0x010C3904 0x00AB0501

#Kirin Bolt Ultimus
0x010C3904 0x00A40501

#Ninja Sword
0x010C3904 0x00E20501

#Divine Slasher
0x010C3904 0x00D10501

#Red Dragonsword
0x010C3904 0x00330501

#Black Katana MK.III
0x010C3904 0x001F0501

#Wyvern Blade ,Verde,
0x010C3904 0x017F0501

#Wyvern Agito
0x010C3904 0x00200501

#Ancient Blade
0x010C3904 0x002F0501

#Carbalite Sword
0x010C3904 0x00010501

#Hi Twin Flames
0x010C3904 0x00FF0501

#Dual Diablo+
0x010C3904 0x00FB0501

#White Death
0x010C3904 0x021F0501

#Great Demon Lance
0x010C3904 0x00E60501

#Black Dragon Spear
0x010C3904 0x00DB0501

#Black Lance
0x010C3904 0x009A0501

#Silver Rook
0x010C3904 0x00740501

0x010C3904 0x00990501

#Gatling Lance+
0x010C3904 0x00950501

#Aqua Spear+
0x010C3904 0x008C0501

#Iron Impact
0x010C3904 0x003F0501

#Jade Mace
0x010C3904 0x005C0501

#Titan Hammer
0x010C3904 0x00570501

0x010C3904 0x00660501

#Destiny's Hand
0x010C3904 0x00730601

0x010C3904 0x00660601

#!!----Armor Equipment Slot 1----
;only use one at a time
;if you want to keep the item move into a difrent slot
;using another will overwrite whatever is already in slot 1

#White Fatalis Head
0x010C3904 0x00E10101

#White Fatalis Hide
0x010C3904 0x00E00201

#White Fatalis Claw
0x010C3904 0x00DE0301

#White Fatalis Spine
0x010C3904 0x00DA0401

#White Fatalis Feet
0x010C3904 0x00DA0001

#Fatalis Head
0x010C3904 0x007B0101

#Fatalis Hide
0x010C3904 0x00790201

#Fatalis Claw
0x010C3904 0x00770301

#Fatalis Spine
0x010C3904 0x00750401

#Fatalis Feet
0x010C3904 0x00740001
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Monster Hunter Freedom 2
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